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Animaetion - Pain

Animaetion is a talented new artist who strives to create a powerful and original sound, combining elements of modern rap with melodies and hooks most commonly associated with styles like R&B and old-school hip-hop. His most recent studio effort is a groundbreaking new song titled “Pain,” which combines expressive songwriting with lush production aesthetics and a lot of energy.

The artist definitely embraces the “less is more” philosophy here, seamlessly achieving a massive tone, without overdoing it and loading up the song with way too many elements. Since the mix is not overly crowded, the track feels spacious and lush, with plenty of room for the vocal parts to really stick out.

The vocal track has a cool saturated effect to it, giving it a lot of punch and an amazing degree of presence. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the beat has a cool focus on the low end, but it also has a nice piano melody that brings it all together.

The sheer scope of the production will immediately capture your imagination. The music has a larger-than-life feel, almost hitting the speaker in a big cinematic way. These sounds are very evocative and create a strong texture, rather than just focusing on a melodic line to remember. The fact that there are many layers to this release really allow the artist to achieve an extra sense of depth, making for a strong and balanced tone.

This track is definitely going to be your cup of tea if you enjoy the work of performers as diverse as J. Cole, Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar. Much like the aforementioned artists, Animaetion has a knack for instinctive songwriting, but he also knows how to really contextualize some good lyrics with a great production, bringing the whole concept to a whole new level.

Find out more about Animaetion, and do not miss out on “Pain”, and other great releases from this performer.

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