We are first-generation college graduates in our family.  We decided to be the change we wanted to see in the world through music.

Hello, my name is Joshua Davis. I am the CEO of Nheritance Records (NHR) but on stage, I’m known as Animaetion; NHR’s first artist.

I started rapping when I was in the 6th grade on a song with my older brother, shortly after that I found myself writing a lot more and becoming more active in the hip-hop world. As a youngster as far back as 3rd grade I remember researching the hip-hop industry about how much an artist makes just to find out the real money comes from the record label, not the artist. Once I entered high school I was always doing talent shows, in the studio and working on my craft. Once I graduated HS and joined the military I founded Nheritance Records with hopes of giving power back to the artists. I am a Media Communication specialist but I am pursuing my BA  from Full Sail University. ​

What motivated me?

 Money was never the motivation, but I would always remind myself, being rich is accepting a check, being wealthy means signing it.


How does it feel to be on stage?


I love when my fans connect with me while I am on stage. The energy they give me gives me "life"!


What makes me different from other artists?


The message in my music speaks for itself.I strive to create quality music that is relateable.  

Titles are just a fun way of describing 'I know how to do stuff!" ~ Antonia

  • Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business.

  •  Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration: Minor in Human Resources Management.


  •  Licensed Cosmetologist; Pivot Point International Academy.